Step #2

Water Recreation Facility (WRF) Representative Submits Project Proposal to Health District

When the WRF/RWCF project is ready for plan review, plans and specifications are submitted to the health district for review. For large or complicated projects (e.g., large guttered pools, slides, unusual projects), submittal of 50% completion or preliminary plans is recommended. Two copies of the final set of plans (the permit set) will also be required during the review process. Submit plans for smaller projects (e.g., pump/filter replacements, pool re-surfacing, barrier upgrades, etc.) when the plans are 100% complete.

Submittals should include:

  • Plan Review Submittal Checklist
  • Construction plans signed by an engineer/architect registered in Washington State
  • Equipment specification sheets

Submittal documents, instructions and more detailed information can be found here.

When submitting preliminary (50%) plans, submit one set of paper or electronic drawings and specification sheets. When submitting final plans (100% plans – the permit set), submit two sets of paper drawings and specification sheets along with complete electronic plans and specifications. The electronic and paper copies must include the same information; if there are differences they must be itemized. Once the project is approved, one complete set of the plans and specifications will be returned to the submitter with an “approved” stamp for construction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: it is the responsibility of the owner, builder or other owner representative to submit plans to the health district. Most building departments DO NOT automatically forward plans to the health district.

Call 509.324.1560 ext. 4 for additional information.