Requests for Public Records

In accordance with the Washington State Public Records Act, Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) provides access to public records while striving to make the process as simple as possible. Many public records are readily available in SRHD’s Public Records Request Archive. However, some records are not automatically posted online for many reasons, including that they may not be of widespread interest, they are simply too large, or they contain confidential information. Many of these records may be obtained through a public records request; although there are some exemptions to disclosure as determined by state law.

  • Understanding Records Requests

How to Submit a Request

How to Submit a Request

Requests for records should be submitted through the Public Records Request Center, where you can review FAQs, submit requests, download records, monitor the status of previously submitted request(s), and communicate with the HIPAA & Records Department.

If you would prefer to submit your request for records via mail, please complete the Public Records Request Form and send it to:

Spokane Regional Health District
Attn: HIPAA & Records Department
1101 W. College Ave., Suite 330
Spokane, WA 99201

This form can also be faxed to the HIPAA & Records Department at 509.324.1507 or brought to SRHD in-person.

SRHD also accepts public records requests made over the phone.

All public records are the property of the state of Washington. (RCW 40.14.020).