Stay safe on the water this summer

Hot weather—and days at the pool or lake—are almost here. Get tips for safe swimming!

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Opioids in Spokane County

See data, current community efforts and services addressing the opioid epidemic in Spokane County.

Opioids in Spokane County


of middle-school students in Spokane County have received vaccines that are required to attend school. Learn more about the vaccines your child needs.

Washington State Information System (WAIIS)

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technical assistance visits were conducted by SRHD’s Pollution Prevention program in 2023. Learn how to request advising on dangerous waste and stormwater management for your business!

Spokane Regional Health District

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The increase in the number of suspected opioid overdoses from 2022 to 2023 in Spokane County. Learn more about opioids in Spokane County.

Washington Emergency Medical Services Information System

Opioid Dashboard
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380x200 Kids Vax
Supporting Healthy Childhoods: What SRHD is Doing and How You Can Help!

May 16 | It takes many small actions to keep children healthy and growing but one action that could use support is helping families access childhood immunizations. Just like children need to have access to books to educate them for the future, their immune systems need access to vaccines to educate them about viruses. Once their immune systems have been educated, it helps keep the children in school, active, and protected from long-term health issues.

380x200 Teflon
What is PFAS and Should We Be Concerned?

May 7 | This topic has gained a lot of attention locally due to contamination found in the West Plains area of Spokane County. The subject can become a little confusing because many people aren’t familiar with what per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are. Here is a basic overview so the next time you see those letters they might make a little more sense.

380x200 Black Maternal Health Week
April 11-17 is Black Maternal Heath Week!

Apr 15 | April 11-17 is Black Maternal Health Week! Maternal health is important for all pregnant people regardless of race or ethnicity. However, Black pregnant people continue to be disproportionally impacted by higher rates of maternal mortality, or death during pregnancy, during delivery, or up to one year postpartum. This week, we want to recognize the importance of Black maternal health and share important community resources available to support people of color in having a healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience.