Pools & Water Recreation

Swimming is fun and healthy. Let's keep it that way.

Program Overview

The Water Recreation Program protects public health by working with owners and operators of public and semi-public water recreation facilities to prevent drowning, illnesses and injuries. Approximately 194 seasonal and 78 annual facilities in Spokane County are permitted and inspected at least annually for compliance with state regulations.

The Water Recreation Program provides additional services, such as plan review and pre-occupancy inspections of new or modified facilities, response to public health or safety concerns regarding permitted facilities, and water safety consultations for pool owners and operators. The program also works with community partners to provide drowning prevention education to the public.

Two environmental health specialists (inspectors) and a technical advisor staff the Water Recreation Program, in addition to clerical and management support.

Fees are charged for permits and construction review. There is no charge for complaint response, illness investigation, or consultation. Drowning prevention and community education are supported by general fund dollars, i.e., state allocation and contributions from Spokane County.

Sometimes there are no second chances


Need rules/signs?

Download a copy of rules that must be posted at all water recreation facilities. The lettering on signs must be at least 3/8 inches high and posted in a conspicuous area.


Learn what to do in case of contamination (“Poop in the Pool”) and download required forms for any injury that occurs at a water recreation facility.

Chemical Testing:

Download information for proper testing techniques, required levels of sanitizers and pH, and daily testing log sheets.

Half-sheet reference cards:

Pre-opening Checklist

Download a helpful Pre-opening Checklist (pdf) for seasonal pools and spas.

Variance Request Submittal Form

All requests for a variance from the Rules and Regulations for Water Recreation Facilities (WRF) (Chapter 246-260 WAC) must be submitted in writing to Spokane Regional Health District’s (SRHD) Water Recreation Program. Regulations require that variance requests be submitted at least 30 days before proposed operation and/or construction. However, SRHD recommends submittals at least 60 days in advance because reviews of complex requests may be lengthy. Activities such as Dive-In Movies, Dog Swims, etc. require variance submittal and approval.

To view the updated variance request submittal form and instructions click here.

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