Any person wishing to operate a water recreation facility in Spokane County must obtain a permit to operate issued by Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD). For change of ownership of an existing establishment, applications must be submitted far enough in advance to allow adequate time for processing and approval prior to the ownership change. Permit processing time may vary according to the type of facility and if any changes are proposed.

Permits and Operations Processes

Permits are categorized as:

  • Limited Use: any swimming, spa, wading, or spray pool at an apartment, bed and breakfast, boarding home, condominium, fraternity, home owners association, hotel, mobile home park, motel, recreational vehicle park, sorority or rental housing unit for the use of the persons living or residing at the facility and their resident's invited guests. The living facility must have at least 15 living units.
  • General Use: any swimming, spa, wading, or spray pool not associated with a living facility that is open to the public or to persons with memberships (i.e. health clubs).

Permit Fee Discounts

Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) offers a permit fee discount to water recreation facilities employing either a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or an experienced operator with an outstanding inspection history (Good Operator Discount). Click here for details.

Changes of Ownership

Under certain circumstances, the health district can transfer a water recreation facility’s existing permit to a new owner. Permits can only be transferred if the facility’s operation, equipment, etc. remain the same as approved for the previous owner. If you do plan to make changes, we may not be able to transfer the existing permit.

In addition, we must consider whether or not the establishment has been issued any variances (waivers). Since variances cannot be transferred between owners, you will have to reapply for each variance. If a variance is complex and/or requires that we reevaluate the proposal, a variance processing fee will be charged.

If the health district allows a permit transfer, the permit’s expiration date will stay the same; it is not extended. There is an administrative fee for a permit transfer. Prior to expiration of the transferred permit you will be required to renew it at the full permit fee. This fee varies based on the permit category. Permit, variance, and administrative fees are listed on our fee schedule.

If we determine that the ownership change does not qualify for a permit transfer, you must apply for a permit to operate at the full permit fee. In addition to these fees, there is a penalty fee if you operate without a valid permit.

Permit Processes


Spokane Regional Health District issues operating permits and inspects approximately 189 seasonal and 78 annual water recreation facilities in Spokane County. View a sample inspection form, the violation enforcement procedure summary and closure levels for disinfection and pH levels in the documents section below.

Training Video: Sailing Through Your Pool Inspection

View the May 19, 2022 Sailing Through Your Pool Inspection virtual training given by SRHD’s Water Recreation program team. This training is for pool operators and covers:

  • How to prepare for and get the most out of a pool inspection (and avoid costly reinspections)
  • Which items pool inspectors focus on and why they are important
  • What tools/resources are available
  • How to avoid common pool operating pitfalls

SRHD presenters are joined by guest Ted Puryear, CPO instructor and Vice President of Sales, Pool World, who covers troubleshooting your pump room to avoid costly service calls.