Solid Waste Handling (Garbage)

Ensuring the proper management of solid waste in order to protect public health, prevent pollution, and conserve resources.

Program Overview

Solid waste facilities in Spokane County are regulated under Chapter 173-350 WAC (Solid Waste Handling Standards), Chapter 173-351 WAC (Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills), and Chapter 173-304 WAC (Minimum Functional Standards for Solid Waste Handling). Facilities are inspected periodically by Environmental Public Health staff to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. Fees are assessed based on the type of facility and/or solid waste activity (view current Spokane Regional Health District Fee Schedule). Call 324-1560 ext. 3 for more information.

Permits and Inspections

Health district Environmental Public Health staff permit and inspect facilities and organizations involved in solid waste:

- storage
- collection
- transportation
- treatment
- utilization
- processing
- final disposal

Reporting Complaints

Complaints of improper or illegal solid waste, animal waste or garbage on the ground are investigated. The Environmental Public Health division works closely with the Department of Ecology to ensure solid waste regulations are followed. Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, ashes, industrial wastes, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles or parts, discarded items, wood waste, medical waste, tires, recyclable items, sewage sludge and septage (from septic tanks).

Reporting Complaints
Please read prior to submitting this complaint.

Spokane Regional Health District responds to complaints primarily located in areas of Spokane County that are not within the boundaries of a municipality. If you are in an area of the county that is within a city's boundaries, check with your municipality's code enforcement office for complaint enforcement procedures.

Conditions or situations NOT investigated by the Health District

1. Junk on Property or Code Violations. To report code violations regarding junk on property such as accumulations of wood, inoperable cars, car parts, appliances, and furniture, please contact Spokane County Code Enforcement in all areas of the county not within a city's boundaries. If you live within a city's limits, please contact your city's code enforcement office.

2. Air Quality or Burn Ban Enforcement. For information on air quality forecast, burn ban status, demolition information, asbestos project, and business related air emissions, please contact Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency. Please also contact your local fire district regarding burning permits.

3. Water Quality Issues Regarding Point Source and Non-Point Source Pollution and Storm Water Pollution. Please contact Washington State Department of Ecology for water quality issues regarding point source and non-point source pollution and storm water pollution.

4. Hazardous Material Spill or Release. To report a spill of oil or hazardous materials, please contact your local fire department or the Washington State Department of Ecology.

5. Water Quality Issues from a Public Drinking Water System. To report a drinking water quality issue from a public water system, contact Washington State Department of Health.

6. Pesticide Complaints. Complaints related to human health are investigated by Washington State Department of Health. Please contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture for complaints involving pesticides use, misuse, drift, damage, storage, and disposal.

7. Employee complaints related to places of work are investigated by the Washington State Department of Labor.

8. Complaints regarding living conditions within a private residence or landlord-tenant issues within a home or building are not investigated by the Health District.

9. If you have concerns regarding mold, please refer to our website at for information.

10. Spokane Urban Farming – Small domestic animals with the City of Spokane. Please contact City of Spokane Code Enforcement for complaints on this.

For questions, please call (509) 324-1560 ext.3

Used Syringes

For more information regarding proper disposal and how to handle used syringes, please click here.

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Spokane, Kootenai Waste Directory

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