Step #3

Health District Reviews and Approves Construction Submittals

During the plan review process, the Water Recreation program reviews project plans and specifications, coordinates as necessary with other health district programs (e.g., Liquid Waste program, Food Safety program, etc.) and the state Water Recreation program, and notifies the project submitter of any additional requirements or recommendations.

Health district review complements a building department review. During the review process, a plan review meeting may be held, especially for complex projects or innovative designs. A plan review meeting is very beneficial when reviewing preliminary plans. Design issues that do not meet the requirements of the regulations can be identified and addressed at an early stage of the project. Either the health district or the WRF project designer/submitter can request a meeting.

Once the review is complete, the health district provides a copy of the approved plans and specifications and then issues a notification to the building department that it has no objection to the issuance of a building permit.

Call 509.324.1560, ext. 4 to request a plan review meeting.