Step #4

Water Recreation Facility (WRF) Construction Occurs and WRF Builder Requests Health District Pre-Occupancy Inspection of Piping Structures Prior to Covering

After the building department issues a building permit, construction can proceed. During the construction process any changes to the approved plans or equipment must be submitted for further plan review and approval.

Throughout construction, the health district must be contacted to request a pre-occupancy inspection of any piping, drain sumps, or other structures that will be covered during the construction process. The installation of these structures must be approved in writing before they are covered with soil. A preliminary pre-occupancy inspection may also include the inspection and measurement of built-in step heights and handrail placement to verify code compliance prior to the final gunite/shotcrete coating application to a pool or spa.

Note: Requests should be made one week in advance (five working days) to allow for scheduling.