Step #3 – Health District Reviews and Approves Construction Submittals

During plan review, the School Health & Safety program reviews project plans and specifications, coordinates with other health district programs (e.g., Food Safety program, Liquid Waste program, etc.) and notifies the school of any requirements or recommendations.  

Health district review complements a building department review.  It considers a school’s proposed curriculum and determines appropriate health and safety requirements, like the need for fume hoods in chemistry labs; the building department ensures the correct design and construction of those items.  

During the review process, a plan review meeting may be held, especially for large projects.  A plan review meeting is very beneficial when reviewing preliminary plans.  It saves a school time and money by identifying design features to incorporate into the plans before they are finalized, sent out for bid or construction started.  Either the health district or the school can request a meeting.   

Once the review is complete, the health district gives its approval and notifies the building department it has no objection to the issuance of a building permit. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: written health district plan approval is required at the D-7 step for public school projects receiving funding assistance through the OSPI School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP).  

Call 509.324.1560, ext. 4 to request a plan review meeting.