Food Establishment Permits

Get information about starting or continuing operation of a food establishment including regulations, plan review requirements, fees, applications, ownership changes, and more. Determine the other agencies that also require approval.


Any person wishing to serve or distribute food in Spokane County must obtain a permit to operate issued by Spokane Regional Health District. This includes for:

Spokane Regional Health District’s Food Safety program protects public health by working with the food service industry and community to prevent food-borne illness. This includes food establishment plan review and/or pre-occupancy inspections of new or remodeled food establishments, as well as food safety consultations for permitted establishments.

The Food Safety Program is staffed by nine environmental health specialists and a technical advisor, in addition to clerical and management support. Staff permit over 2,300 permanent retail food establishments and nearly 200 temporary food establishments each year. They also issue nearly 15,000 food service worker permits annually.

Temporary Food Establishment Permits
Temporary Food Establishment Permits

Learn about offering or selling food at a temporary food event, including pancake breakfasts, spaghetti feeds, and booths at large events.

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Report Unsafe Food Handling Practices or Food-Borne Illness
Report Unsafe Food Handling Practices or Food-Borne Illness

Reporting unsafe practices and illnesses helps the health district identify potential food-borne disease outbreaks.

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