New or Remodeled Food Establishment Permits

Food Establishment Permits

Any person wishing to serve or distribute food in Spokane County must obtain approval or a permit to operate issued by Spokane Regional Health District.

How Do I Get A Food Establishment Permit?

To obtain a New or Remodeled Food Establishment Permit, please click here.


To ensure getting a permit is as simple as possible, the health district developed this process.

Below is a higher-level description of this process.

Permit Applications

For new establishments, permit applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the projected date of opening or a penalty fee of 100% of the permit fee will be assessed.

Food establishment plan reviews and pre-opening inspections ensure compliance with food code requirements. Prior to construction or remodeling, food establishments must submit for the health district to approve:

  • detailed design plans
  • equipment specifications
  • a menu with detailed food preparation steps

Once construction is complete, a pre-opening inspection is conducted to verify the establishment has been constructed per the approved plans and all plan review approval requirements have been met.

Plan Review Documents

Pre-operational Inspection (also called Pre-opening Inspection)

Pre-operational inspections are required before the establishment can operate. The following steps are required:

  • Submit permit application to operate the food establishment and pay the permit fee before scheduling the pre-operational inspection.
  • Call Spokane Regional Health District to schedule the pre-operational inspection at least three (3) working days before the desired date of the inspection.

A Spokane Regional Health District inspector will conduct the required inspection:

  • If approved, the permit to operate the establishment will be issued and an invoice for pre-operational inspection fees will be provided.
  • If not approved, a report with the required corrections will be provided. Once the corrections are completed, the applicant must schedule another pre-operational inspection. If approved, the permit to operate the establishment will be issued and an invoice for pre-operational inspection fees will be provided.

Other Agency Approvals

Spokane Regional Health District is not the only agency required to issue approval for food establishments. The specific agencies involved vary depending upon location and type of operation.

Check out resources for prospective restaurant owners in the City of Spokane or the City of Spokane Valley

View contact information for other agencies (doc) whose approval may be needed before operating a food establishment.

Temporary Food Establishment Permits

Learn about offering or selling food at a temporary food event, including pancake breakfasts, spaghetti feeds, and booths at large events.

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