Spokane Regional Health District’s School Health & Safety program inspects all public, private and parochial K-12 schools within Spokane County on a three-year rotation. These inspections verify compliance with state health and safety regulations and guidelines (Chapter 246-366 WAC).

  • Year 1 – The health district conducts the inspection with assistance from a school representative – the focus is on high-risk areas such as playgrounds, arts and crafts, shops and labs; the health district and the school work together to identify priorities and discuss plans for correction.
  • Year 2 – the school conducts a re-inspection and provides the health district with a status report on the previous year’s inspection findings.
  • Year 3 – the school conducts a comprehensive self-inspection.

To begin the inspection process, start here:

Step #1

Submit School Contact Form and Participation Agreement

Complete a School Contact Form and Participation Agreement for the current school year. If the form is for a school district, leave the principal information blank. Email the completed form by Oct. 31 to the School Health & Safety program: eph_web@srhd.org

School Contact Form and Participation Agreement