To RENEW a Food Worker Card

Option #1: Online

All food employees in Spokane County who handle unwrapped foods or beverages are required to hold a current Washington State Food Worker Card (WAC 246-217). Food worker cards are $10.00.

To obtain a card, you must take a course and successfully complete a test covering the course material.

Apply for a NEW Food Worker Card Here

     Apply for a NEW Food Worker Card Here

  • Go to or click on the image above
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Select "returning user"
  • Fill in county and zip code information
  • Complete the food worker login form
  • Watch the instructional video
  • Successfully complete the test
  • Pay for the test (you must be able to make payment by credit or debit card)
  • A copy of your card will be emailed once payment has been received.
  • Print your new food worker card (you must be connected to a printer)

Your first food worker card is valid for 2 years. Before the card expires, you must take the food safety training class and pass the exam again. If your current food worker card has NOT expired, then you may qualify for a 3-year card.

You can receive a 5-year renewal food worker card, if you have a current card and can show that you have had "additional food safety training" within the past 2 years.

Study ahead: Click here to view a Food Worker Manual.