• Washington State Department of Health developed Listen 2 Your Selfie, a campaign for youth to learn about marijuana. Agencies can promote this resource on social media, put it in newsletters to youth, or use posters or large promotional boards available from Spokane Regional Health District.
  • Spokane Regional Health District recently purchased Prevention Plus Wellness’s Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign. Free resources are available region-wide to help answer FAQs, promote posters with facts about marijuana use, and provide agencies with current information about marijuana’s impacts. Click here to see samples of the campaign materials or to request the materials, email

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An important area of focus for Spokane Regional Health District’s Tobacco, Vaping Device and Marijuana Prevention program is monitoring the market for emerging products or trends that could potentially cause harm to youth. After notifying the public about products of concern, staff rely on its partnerships with schools and the community to help keep these products out of the hands of kids.

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More than 11 years after a federal court first ordered big tobacco to tell the American people the truth about their deadly and addictive products, things are beginning to change.

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