Big Tobacco Forced to Tell Truth about Tobacco

Big Tobacco Forced to Tell Truth about Tobacco

February 09, 2018

More than 11 years after a federal court first ordered big tobacco to tell the American people the truth about their deadly and addictive products, the major U.S. tobacco companies (Altria, its Philip Morris USA subsidiary and R.J. Reynolds) are finally publishing “corrective statement” advertisements. These statements come in the form of ads on television and in newspapers.

Organizations and individuals can share the corrective statements in their own communities. Here are some examples of television and print ads available now, which are free to use. Spokane Regional Health District urges its partners to consider putting an ad local papers, writing a blog post about the statements, or adding the information to newsletters. Learn more about the federal case by visiting Tobacco-Free Kids.

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Jill Royston, student assistant specialist for NEWESD 101

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