Product Alert: JUUL Vaping Device

Product Alert: JUUL Vaping Device

February 09, 2018

A new vaping device that could be particularly enticing to youth is now on the market and it is called JUUL. It’s an e-cigarette that can be concealed easily because it looks like a USB flash drive and has cartridges that are available in many kid-friendly flavors. This is concerning, as the long-term health effects of inhaling nicotine or other substances using vaping devices is still not known. In addition to containing nicotine, the inhaled and exhaled aerosol has toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, such as cadmium and formaldehyde, as well as ultrafine particles that can irritate the lungs.

Even though the sale and possession of these devices and components is banned to those under 18 in the United States,, youth are still gaining access in a variety of ways. And JUUL now has the highest market share (in tracked channels), surpassing Reynolds’ Vuse as the most popular e-cigarette product. Here are some recent news articles about JUUL and youth:

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Jill Royston, student assistant specialist for NEWESD 101

Guest Contributor

As a substance use counselor in a local high school, I hear daily about the ways youth are using marijuana and the reasons they use. I have also heard an array of myths about the drug. Curious about what youth are saying? Here’s what I hear most often:

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“Marijuana helps people with anxiety.”
“Everyone does it, so what’s the big deal?”

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