Some H1N1 Public Clinics Postponed

Some H1N1 Public Clinics Postponed

Oct 27, 2009

Small vaccine shipments cause postponement of some Spokane H1N1 flu clinics Those who currently have Health District appointments will receive vaccine

The Spokane Regional Health District was notified that because of vaccine production delays, the weekly shipments of H1N1 vaccine will be smaller than it had anticipated. The amount of vaccine will be insufficient for several of the clinics the Health District had scheduled for the week of November 2nd. People who already have an appointment scheduled at the Health District will still be able to be vaccinated.

Two upcoming public clinics for priority groups will likely remain scheduled, but will offer only the nasal spray vaccine and will switch to appointment-only clinics, instead of the previously planned walk-in clinics.

  • Nov 7, at the Spokane Valley YMCA from 9am – 3pm, and
  • Nov 14, at the North Spokane YMCA from 9am –3pm

Appointments for the clinics will be scheduled by phone on November 3rd by calling 324-1648 beginning at 9am until 5pm or until appointments run out.

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The Health District is contacting the venues whose clinics are being postponed and will continue to monitor the available vaccine supply.  Once adequate amounts are available, clinics will likely be rescheduled.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified health departments across the country that because H1N1 vaccine production is happening more slowly than they had hoped, that delays and smaller quantities are to be expected over the next several weeks.

This is disappointing for everyone," said Dr. Joel McCullough, Health Officer for the Spokane Regional Health District. "Although we know that vaccine production can be impacted by many variables, we were told that by this time we would have a supply that would allow us to hold our planned clinics. We wish we knew exactly when and how much of the vaccine will arrive in our community," McCullough said. "All of our plans to provide vaccinations and to distribute it to our health care partners depend on when we get the vaccine in and in the quantity we receive."

The Health District is continuing to distribute limited amounts of the H1N1 vaccine to pre-registered health care providers for the purpose of treating their high-risk patients and to locations that serve people who are uninsured or under-insured. The community is urged to contact their health care providers to see if they are among those who are beginning to receive vaccine. The community is also urged to continue using techniques such as covering coughs, washing hands often, staying home while ill, and avoiding others who are sick.

Spokane Regional Health District provides individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodations. Requests may be made by calling TDD 324-1464.