Campaign Overview

“KEEP TRYING! On average it takes 7-10 attempts before people stop smoking for good. ”

A campaign that supports people in Spokane in their attempts to stop smoking and encourages their use of cessation methods that work best for them.

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Hear Local Quit Stories

"I'm not addicted to the point where I have to pay my hard earned money for something that's definitely not doing me any good." Watch how Gene and others stopped smoking their way and learn how you can quit with free gum or patch.


Gene - Spokane, WA

5 Years Quit

When Gene started smoking, it was the norm and has seen first hand how tobacco companies have targeted African Americans with their products. Since quitting, Gene has saved thousands of dollars and recommends avoiding your triggers and finding healthier things to do instead.

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Daniel - Spokane, WA

8 Years Quit

In the military, Daniel and his brothers-in-arms looked forward to sharing a cigarette together - it was a form of bonding. He encourages you to give it your best shot, you are smart enough and you are worth it.

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View Daniel's 30-Second Video Clip

Sara - Spokane, WA

5 Years Quit

Sara loved singing. In the long run, smoking became more important to her than singing. Now, Sara is done with smoking and she has her voice back. Sara stopped smoking her way, and you can too.

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View Sara's 30-Second Video Clip

Jesse - Spokane, WA

2 Years Quit

Every time Jesse experienced stress, she started smoking again. Jesse tried several times to quit until she found what worked for her. She feels amazing and her mom is proud of her too.

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View Jesse's 30-Second Video Clip

Brent - Spokane, WA

10 Years Quit

Brent had to choose between buying cigarettes and buying things for his kids. He didn't like that smoking controlled him. Brent took control and quit smoking and says it's the best decision he ever made. Brent stopped smoking his way, and you can too.

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View Brent's 30-Second Video Clip

*For a limited time, Inland Northwest Health Services Community Wellness will provide free nicotine replacement therapy (gum or patch only) to people who are uninsured or under-insured and attend Quit for Good, their four-week, free online smoking cessation class. The classes start at the beginning of each month.

Smoke-Free Housing Toolkit

For landlords and owners, the business benefits of going smoke-free can translate into thousands of dollars.

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