Get [Mentally] Fit in 2022

December 29, 2021

We know it’s tempting to grab that magazine or click on the ad that promises to get you in shape in the new year. However, let’s not forget a part of our body that often gets overlooked when it comes to getting strong and healthy. Let’s show some love to our brains this year. Whether you call it brain health or mental health, here are some simple (and some fun) tips to get mentally fit in 2022.

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Help for Holiday Gatherings

December 20, 2021

Throughout the pandemic it has been important to find joy and connection in new ways, and with high transmission and hospitalization rates in our area, it’s still important to remember a few tips for gathering safely. Setting expectations, testing, getting vaccinated, staying outside when possible, and letting people know if you tested positive for COVID-19 after the event are all ways to help make your gatherings safer.

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COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids 5-11

November 04, 2021

Parents across the country are breathing a sigh of relief that a COVID-19 vaccine is now approved for emergency use in kids aged 5-11. We understand how exciting it is. It’s true that, overall, children have seen less severe cases of COVID-19 than adults, but that doesn’t mean they are not at risk. The question for any medical intervention should never be whether it is perfect, but rather does the benefit of the treatment outweigh the risks. In this case, multiple agencies with the most qualified professionals across the United States have almost unanimously agreed that yes, COVID-19 poses much more of a risk to our children than vaccination.

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