HIV and AIDS Cases Reportable within 3 Business Days

HIV and AIDS Cases Reportable within 3 Business Days

July 18, 2019

Over the years, reporting HIV and AIDS cases to public health have been something of an ordeal, compared to the relatively straightforward process for other STDs. There was a separate form; many questions about lab values, risk, and medications that a diagnosing provider would not yet have; and it had to be called in or dropped in the mail. Some providers assumed that making a referral to an Infectious Disease specialist meant that they did not need to report new HIV diagnoses. Although reporting HIV cases involves a few more questions for providers, it has become easier.

For providers and facilities, HIV and AIDS cases are reportable within three business days, just like other STDs. Providers are required to report all new HIV and AIDS cases as well as previously diagnosed cases that are new to a practice. The HIV and AIDS case report form is now faxable to Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) at 509.324.1468. 

It is not required to provide answers to all the questions on the HIV case report, since many of the lab results, medications, etc. will not be known at the time of diagnosis. Providers can also call 509.324.1544 to report by phone (preferred), no case report needed. 

Besides the WAC (246-101) requirement, there are other important reasons for reporting new HIV and AIDS cases to SRHD. Newly diagnosed patients may feel overwhelmed with what the future holds. When providers report a new HIV infection to SRHD, they can be assured that their patient will be quickly linked to an HIV specialist and will be offered the same-day assistance from an HIV case manager. HIV case managers provide no-cost assistance with insurance, medical referrals, transportation, medication assistance, and more. Individuals may utilize the services initially, or for as long as help is needed.