Program Overview

The Tuberculosis (TB) Program at Spokane Regional Health District provides education and consultation to local medical practitioners and community partners about TB screening, latent tuberculosis case management and infection control. With guidance from the health officer, the Tuberculosis Program provides education and consultation to medical and community partners for TB screening guidelines, latent TB infection treatment and case management, and infection control.

Need a TB Test?

Spokane Regional Health District does not offer TB screening services, but there are TB screening services available in Spokane County. Individuals needing to be screened for TB for any reason, including meeting employment, volunteering or school requirements, should call their primary care provider for information on TB screening options. For those who do not have a primary care provider, many urgent care and occupational medicine clinics in the Spokane area can perform TB screening.

See more screening clinic options here.

Tuberculosis Treatment for Health Care Providers

Working with providers on the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases, illnesses and other factors relating to health.

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Immunization Assessment & Promotion

Health district staff work with healthcare, community and school partners to eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases in children, adolescents and adults for a safer and healthier community.