During an Emergency

Emergency Preparedness & Response Program

Take steps now to be informed when an emergency happens.

Stay Informed

It's important to know where and how to get information during an emergency or disaster. Spokane County residents have access to several information sources including Greater Spokane Emergency Management’s Alert Spokane, a local emergency notification system. Reliable local news sources like TV and radio can also provide valuable information and a weather radio provides up-to-date information during weather emergencies.

Learn about and register for Alert Spokane.

Watches and Warnings

After gaining an understanding of how to get information during an emergency, it's important to understand the terms used for weather threats.

  • A watch means that there is a high possibility that a weather emergency will occur. When a severe storm watch is issued for your area, continue to listen to the radio or television for updates and pay attention to visible weather changes around you.
  • A warning means that a weather emergency is already happening, or will happen soon. When you hear a warning, take immediate action
Medical Reserve Corps of Eastern Washington

Medical Reserve Corps of Eastern Washington is a volunteer group that assists in responding to local, regional, or national emergencies or disasters.

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Weather Alerts

How to interpret alert notifications and how they help people react better.

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