Our Goal

To prevent and mitigate child abuse and neglect in Spokane County.

About Project Pinwheel

Project Pinwheel provides examples of actionable steps that Spokane County residents can take to prevent child abuse and neglect in our communities. Recent reports including Confronting Violence and State of Women and Children in Spokane County have shown that rates of child abuse and neglect are higher in Spokane County than throughout the state. Levels of risk are also high.

Similar campaigns such as K(no)w More campaign out of Lane County Oregon as well as the Play Your Part NAPCAN campaign in Australia have shown success in educating community members about ways they can help prevent child abuse and neglect.

Based on the content of the previously mentioned campaigns, Project Pinwheel emphasizes the role of every person in our community in preventing child abuse and neglect and provides concrete steps for taking action.

Partners in Prevention

Spokane Regional Health District and Our kids: Our business (OKOB), a coalition of child advocates, have been partners in prevention since 1987. OKOB is comprised of members representing a range of local, regional and national agencies, including the following: