Dental Health

Dental health is essential to overall health. Spokane Regional Health District provides support to children and adults in need of dental services, as well as working with partners to address gaps in service and data collection.

Program Overview

Three separate programs at Spokane Regional Health District make up its oral health services:

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The programs are important because many barriers exist that can limit a child or adult’s use of preventive interventions and treatment, including:

  • Limited access to and availability of dental services
  • Lack of awareness of the need for care
  • Cost
  • Fear of dental procedures

Any child who has Apple Health/Provider One Benefits is eligible for the ABCD Program through age five.

First Dental Visit

Baby teeth are important! Baby teeth are needed for good nutrition, important for pronunciation and language development, maintain space for permanent teeth and help with a positive self-image. American Dental Association (ADA) recommends children see a dentist by first tooth or first birthday.

There are social determinants that affect dental health. In general, people with lower levels of education and income, and people from specific racial/ethnic groups, have higher rates of disease. People with disabilities and other health conditions, like diabetes, are more likely to have an increased risk of dental health problems.

Dental health is important before and during pregnancy. See your dental health provider to ensure your mouth is healthy.

Spokane Regional Health District's Dental Health program is funded with Washington Health Care Authority’s Apple Health (Medicaid) Program and Local Capacity Development Funds. The Dental Health program works with outside agencies like the Department of Health, WIC Nutrition program, ARCORA Foundation – formerly known as Washington Dental Service Foundation and University of Washington to carry out its mission. The Dental Health program leads the Oral Health Coalition which includes several key community partners.

Dental Emergencies

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Data and Reports

Providing regular, updated data on the health of Spokane County's population and our region is a core function of Spokane Regional Health District. Check out our data and reports here.

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