Dental Health

Providing support to children and adults in need of dental services.

Program Overview

Spokane Regional Health District assists families in need of dental services by providing the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD) and Mighty Mouth in Primary Care programs. These programs are designed to help remove the many barriers that can limit a child’s use of preventive interventions and treatment. These barriers include:

  • Limited access to dental services
  • Lack of awareness about the need for care
  • Cost
  • Fear of dental procedures

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Many things can affect a person’s ability to get good dental care. For those who do not have access to dental insurance, covering the costs of dental visits can be much harder and may result in a decision to avoid going to the dentist. Certain disabilities and health conditions, like diabetes can increase dental health problems, causing additional damage to teeth and overall oral health. There are cost-saving options available for those seeking assistance with dental health care. Learn more about dental care options for children and adults.

First Dental Visit

Baby teeth are an important part of child development. Baby teeth are necessary for transitioning to solid foods and adopting healthy eating habits, pronunciation and language development, maintaining space for permanent teeth and helping with a positive self-image. American Dental Association recommends children see a dentist by first tooth or first birthday.

Dental health is important before and during pregnancy. Moms should see their dental health provider to ensure their mouths are healthy.

Spokane Regional Health District's Dental Health program is funded with Washington Health Care Authority’s Apple Health (Medicaid) Program and Local Capacity Development Funds. The Dental Health program works with outside agencies like the Department of Health, WIC Nutrition program, ARCORA Foundation—formerly known as Washington Dental Service Foundation and University of Washington to carry out its mission. The Dental Health program leads the Oral Health Coalition which includes several key community partners.

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Data and Reports

Providing regular, updated data on the health of Spokane County's population and our region is a core function of Spokane Regional Health District. Check out our data and reports here.

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Local Dental Health Services

Local assistance for those needing dental health services. Learn more at

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