Data Center

Collecting, analyzing and using health-related data to inform the community about current, local health issues.

Program Overview

Since 1996, the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) Data Center has been the regional public health leader in community health assessments and has extensive experience measuring community needs and evaluating population-based public health and social science programs and projects.

The Data Center has staff with formal training and expertise in:

Research Methods and Evaluation


Program Planning

Quality Improvement

Performance Consulting & Training

Other Data Center Services

Data Center also offers: 
  • Data collection
    • Surveys and questionnaires

    • Focus groups

    • Key opinion leader surveys

    • Community forums

  • Data analysis
  • Identification of data sources
  • GIS mapping
  • Literature review and white papers
  • Community needs assessments
  • Presentations of data
  • Program, project and grant evaluation and research
  • Health impact assessments (built environment, transportation, policy)
  • Prioritization processes/decision making

Data Center staff provides consultation on:
  • Program planning and development
  • Management of health and community-based data sets
  • Human subjects policies and procedures
  • Organizational performance management
  • Performance measurement and systems for data-driven decision making
  • Quality improvement – methods, tools, and projects

Data Center staff provides training on:
  • Assessment processes
  • Quality improvement methods and tools
  • Performance measurement
  • Communicating with data
  • Logic models and program evaluation

Spokane Regional Health District


Published Data Center Reports

Other Information about Data Center Reports

  • 11 new reports in 2016
  • 26 reports for Spokane County – General Statistics
County Health Insights
County Health Insights

Community information on health issues and affected populations. The information may help direct health and social interventions to areas of greatest need and build support for health policies, as well as educate the public, community organizations, and policymakers on the community’s health and well-being.


Data and Reports
Data and Reports

Providing regular, updated data on the health of Spokane County's population and our region is a core function of Spokane Regional Health District. Check out our data and reports here.

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A Report on Quality of Life in Spokane
A Report on Quality of Life in Spokane

Survey data provides a holistic look at the health and well-being of individuals locally and indicates marked disparities between different groups.

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