Consumer Food Safety At Home

Each year millions of people get sick from food illnesses which can cause you to feel like you have the flu. Food illnesses can also cause serious health problems, even death. There are helpful resources to help keep individuals and their families safe.

Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness is a common, costly—yet preventable—public health problem. Consumers can protect themselves by following these four steps:

  1. Clean – Wash your hands and utensils before preparing foods and after handling raw meats, poultry and eggs.
  2. Separate – keep raw meats, poultry and eggs separate from vegetables or other foods that will not be cooked
  3. Cook – foods fully and check temperature using a thermometer.
  4. Chill – leftovers and take out foods within 2 hours. Keep your refrigerator at below 41oF.

Food Safety Resources for Home Cooking

Cooking for the holidays?

Cooking for the holidays?

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