BatSmart - Prevent the spread of rabies!  Bats are beneficial to people and the environment, but they can carry and transmit rabies, a fatal disease.  Learn how to reduce the risk of rabies to people and pets.

BatSmart Campaign

Bats on Your Property (pdf)

Bats in Contact with People (pdf)

Bats in Contact with Pets (pdf)

BatSmart FAQs (pdf)

Vaccinate Pets Against Rabies
Vaccinate Pets Against Rabies

Rabies vaccinations are required for dogs, cats and ferrets in Washington state. They’re one of the best ways to protect people and pets from rabies.

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Bring It, Summer Pests!
Bring It, Summer Pests!

Confront disease-carrying mosquitoes, ticks and mice during spring and summer months. Simple landscaping tricks and tips to protect home’s exterior.

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