WIC Headed to Market w/Rep. McMorris Rodgers

WIC Headed to Market w/Rep. McMorris Rodgers

Jul 28, 2015

Spokane WIC Heads to Market with Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers

Clients also urged to come to Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market on July 31 and Show Support for Farmers Market Nutrition Program, access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables

Who: Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S. Representative for the 5th District of Washington

What: Spokane Regional Health District’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program will host the congresswoman Friday, July 31, 2015, beginning at approximately 3:25 p.m. at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market in northeast Spokane, after a short visit to one of the county’s 10 WIC offices.
Where: 806 W. Knox Ave, Spokane, WA 99205
Why: This is an opportunity for Spokane’s WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and its recipients to shine. For those of you who don’t know, Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market was authorized just this year as a FMNP-designated site for both seniors and WIC families. We’re hoping WIC clients who have used their FMNP farmers markets checks, or those who still need to spend them, can join us in showing the congresswoman how vital these services are in our community. We’d also like to show her our gratefulness for her continued support of WIC, FMNP, as well as the Fresh Bucks program, which provides Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as “food stamps”) shoppers with extra buying power at farmers markets as well.
How: Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market will be hosting fun activities for families to coincide with the congresswoman’s visit. WIC families are encouraged to attend the market beginning at 3:00 p.m. and seize the opportunity to speak directly with McMorris Rodgers and talk about how access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables through the WIC helps your family be healthier.