Kids Heading to and from School Require Community Action

Spokane area: As kids in Spokane County prepare to go back to school next week, here are some things everyone can do to keep them safe!

Safety Tips for Home Owners and Renters

  1. Shovel your sidewalks – it's the law and it will limit the number of kids walking in the street

  2. Watch closely for pedestrians when backing out of driveways

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  1. Try to cross the street at crosswalks

  2. When crossing without a crosswalk signal, make eye contact with the driver and watch for a clear signal they will stop

  3. Wear bright colored clothing or carry a reflective object

  4. If you must walk in a roadway, always walk facing traffic

  5. Wear shoes with good traction

Safety Tips for Drivers

  1. Always yield to pedestrians, watch for those who appear inattentive or indecisive

  2. Watch for vehicles stopped in the lane next to you, they may be yielding to a pedestrian

  3. Allow plenty of breaking distance when approaching a crosswalk, sliding through and stopping there, leaves no safe passage for pedestrians

  4. Be patient, especially as kids go back to school, more and more young, inexperienced pedestrians will be out