In Washington, healthcare providers and facilities, clinical laboratories, veterinarians, and others have responsibilities for reporting suspected or confirmed cases of certain conditions.

What to Report

Most communicable notifiable conditions in Spokane County are reported to Spokane Regional Health District.* 

Notifiable Conditions (Alphabetical)

Notifiable Conditions (by Type of Provider)

*When viewing specific diseases from the above links, they will indicate if you use a reporting form only or if you must call also.

How to Report

Specific to disease, use the proper reporting form and follow the form's instructions for submitting.

Find more information on HIPAA and medical records requests.

Where to Report

If the disease you are reporting requires phone or fax notification:

  • PHONE: Spokane Regional Health District Communicable Disease Reporting 24/7 Line: (509) 324.1449
  • FAX: Spokane Regional Health District Communicable Disease Reporting FAX Line: (509) 324.3623 


Spokane Regional Health District Disease Prevention & Response

  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology, Immunizations, Public Health Emergency & Response: (509) 324.1442
  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology Urgent and Emergency Needs (24/7 Duty Officer): (509) 869.3133
  • HIV/STD Prevention Services: (509) 324.1542

Other Local Health Jurisdictions Reporting

Other Local Health Jurisdictions General Contact