Summary Overview

Worksites have the opportunity to encourage healthy habits and prevent health problems such as diabetes, depression and heart disease. Well-designed worksites keep employees safe and encourage physical activity during the workday.


A positive wellness culture in the workplace influences the physical, mental and emotional well-being of workers.

Benefits of Worksite Wellness
  • Helps employees take responsibility for lifestyle choices
  • Educates workforce about hazards and opportunities for wellness
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Reduces absences and laziness
  • Reduces health care costs
  • Shifts health care model from treatment to prevention

Spokane or Washington Specific Data


Ideas for Employers
  • Institute programs for exercise during the workday
  • Implement a no-smoking policy and provide resources for tobacco cessation
  • Allow flexible schedules and carpooling
  • Encourage staff to take the stairs
  • Choose worksites that are close to public transportation, walking trails, fitness facilities and other amenities

Related Facts

Employees spend about 36% of their total waking hours at work. (DOH)

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