Summary Overview

Expanding the availability and access to a variety of transportation options has the potential to save lives by preventing chronic diseases, reducing and preventing motor vehicle-related injury and deaths, improving environmental health, while stimulating economic development and ensuring access for all people. (CDC)


Modern U.S. transportation if focused on motor vehicle travel, causing limited support for other transportation options. Active transportation is a term that is used to describe any physically active trip to work, school, the store or to visit friends. There are many different ways to get to where you are going and get the physical activity you need every day. Walking and biking are the most popular forms of active transportation but many people do both.

Benefits of Improving Transportation Policies & Promoting Active Transportation:
  • Reduce injuries associated with motor vehicle crashes
  • Promote active transportation
  • Improve air quality
  • Expansion of public transportation
  • Encourage healthy community design
  • Ensure that all people have access to safe, healthy, convenient and affordable transportation

Spokane or Washington Specific Data


Active Transportation Tips
  • Walk Locally- Walk to your local shops to purchase your bread and milk instead of driving your car
  • Use Public Transport- Find out your options for catching public transport
  • Ride your Bike-  Figure out whether you can ride your bike to work or down to your local grocery store
  • Be Creative- Try and find new ways to incorporate active travel into your day. Examples include walking to a work meeting or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Related Facts

Active transportation as part of everyday travel is as effective as structured workouts for improving health (APHA)

My Healthy Life

Helping improve nutrition and physical activity rates among Spokane adults who are eligible for SNAP (Basic Food) benefits.

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Walk, Bike, Bus

Walk Bike Bus Spokane is a public education campaign offering individuals support to replace short car trips with walking, biking or taking public transit.

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Find Your Way

Whether you Find Your Way to walking, biking or busing in our great city, there are growing options and expanding infrastructure to support you.

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