COVID-19 Alert for Healthcare Providers

COVID-19: Laboratory Capacity Update

Posted July 14, 2020. Past health advisories and alerts are archived for historical purposes and are not maintained or updated.

Many COVID-19 test results are taking 5-12 days to be reported due to demand and backlog at large out-of-state commercial labs. Quest Diagnostics is particularly impacted, as is LabCorp. This is very concerning because obtaining test results quickly is critical for informing our contact tracing efforts and containing spread of the virus. 

It is critical that healthcare providers advise patients to isolate while awaiting test results. If COVID-19 is highly suspected, the patient’s household members should be strongly advised to quarantine as well.  

On the next page is a list of Washington-based labs that have confirmed their willingness to provide molecular COVID-19 testing to hospitals and clinics. In most cases, in-state laboratories can process specimens and return results more rapidly than out-of-state labs. We strongly encourage you to use our in-state labs for COVID-19 testing so that we can shorten the turn-around time for test results. Furthermore, it would be useful for providers to identify multiple laboratory testing options so that COVID-19 specimens can be redirected to other labs in the state when necessary to ensure rapid results for patients.  

Please reach out to the in-state labs listed on the next page to discuss and set up accounts.  


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Washington-Based Laboratories Providing Molecular COVID-19 Testing

Laboratory Name

Northwest Pathology & Northwest Laboratory

3614 Meridian St Ste 100


Jenny Bull


Molecular Testing Labs

14401 SE 1st St


Adam Blackwell


UW Lab Medicine Virology (UW) MOLECULAR

1616 Eastlake Ave E Ste 320


Alex Greninger (


Atlas Genomics LLC

2296 W Commodore Way Ste 220


Kyndra Capell


Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences

2211 Elliott Avenue, Suite 410


Matthew E Hartman = director but is contact


Molecular Epidemiology Inc

15300 Bothell Way NE

Lake Forest Park

Hemantha Kulasekara


Fida Labs

2296 W Commodore Way Ste 220


Quinne Feng, Ph.D


InCyte Diagnostics

13103 E Mansfield Ave


Cathryn Hummel