The Shot Clock is Running!

The Shot Clock is Running!

July 16, 2021

Ok, Spokane, we have some fun events coming up. Yes, we missed out on a lot of them last year, so let’s do all we can to make sure they continue. We also want to make sure that anybody who wants to get out and enjoy the fun can. It’s not a community event without the community.

The best tool to keep events safe for everybody is getting vaccinated. Currently, case numbers are low, but if we don’t have a high enough vaccination rate, events could contribute to another wave of infections putting our hospitals’ resources and additional lives at risk again. We also have people in our community who aren’t able to get vaccinated and people with suppressed immune systems. The more people vaccinated, the safer Pig Out in the Park is for a friend who recently finished chemo treatments or for the kids who have been waiting to play in their first Hoopfest tournament. If all the people around a vulnerable person are vaccinated, the virus doesn’t have a way in. It’s safer for them and it’s safer for you.

If you plan to get out and enjoy everything our area has to offer, it is time to get vaccinated. Depending on which vaccine you get, it can be over a month from your first dose before you’re considered fully immunized.

For all you Ballers out there, let’s talk basketball. Hoopfest begins on September 11. Two of the vaccines are one-and-one situations.

It takes two weeks to be fully vaccinated, so you’ll need to make your last shot by August 27.

This means if you’re on team Moderna or team Pfizer, you need to make your first shot by July 29. There are no buzzer beater immunizations, so you’ve got to get your shots in early. Even if Johnson & Johnson is your game plan, it takes two weeks to be considered fully immunized. Don’t worry! We’ll assist with the clinic, and you take the shot. The shot clock is running out, so check out clinic locations here.

Hoopfest isn’t your thing? We’ll just leave this event calendar here to remind you why you need to get your vaccine appointment scheduled as soon as you can.