Pool Safety

Pool Safety

August 24, 2021

We all know how fun it can be to relax by the pool, try a new trick off the diving board, or make a splash going down the water slide. So when it comes to enjoying the last bit of summer with our friends and family, most of us are more than willing to soak it up at one of our favorite local pools. But did you know our water recreation team here at SRHD actually plays a role in making those fun summer memories happen?

SRHD staff work with owners and operators all summer long to prevent drowning, illnesses, and injuries. In fact, they get involved with public and semi-public aquatic facilities in Spokane before they’re even built. This includes working with architects and engineers to make sure the design for the new pool is safe for the community and meets requirements set by the State of Washington. The next time you yell "cannonball!" and make a big splash in the deep end, know all plans for construction including health and safety measures were approved by them first!

Once the pool is up and running, they like to maintain a close relationship with the aquatic facility to make sure it remains a fun and safe experience for you and your family. This includes offering pool operators training and resources, so they’re prepared to handle everything from routine chemical testing to potential contamination of the pool. If an injury is reported, they’ll work with the aquatic facility to determine if any other safety measures should be put in place to avoid future accidents. Plus, did you know they inspect over 275 aquatic facilities each year? That includes inspecting over 400 swimming pools, spas, wading pools, splash pads, and water features like slides and lazy rivers. Emergency equipment is also inspected to make sure the facilities operate safely.

Whether you know it or not, our water recreation team plays an important role in making sure the pools in our community stay safe. As always, we recommend that you enlist some of your own safety precautions too. Weak swimmers should be placed in life jackets and you should always supervise your little ones while they’re in the pool, even if a lifeguard is present. We’re happy to make sure your summer is a safe and enjoyable one.

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