How to Enjoy a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

How to Enjoy a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2021

Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial kick-off to summer, which is one of the best times of year to experience everything the Spokane area has to offer. Even though this is the second time our community we will be experiencing the holiday in a pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a safe three-day weekend.



The CDC has updated guidance for gatherings that include both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. While fully-vaccinated people can attend small, private outdoor gatherings with vaccinated and unvaccinated folks, it is recommended that unvaccinated people continue to wear a mask for their safety and the safety of others. If you don’t already have plans for the weekend, check out the awesome events happening around town.

Support our local farmers by visiting the Spokane Farmers Market on Saturday, May 29 from 8am-1pm.

Stop by the Rose Garden Bistro at the Ruby River Hotel to enjoy a live and free music performance on May 29 from 5-10pm.

If you’re out and about, check out the Memorial Day light show in the Pavilion on Monday, May 31.

Food Safety

Food Safety

When BBQ-ing or packing a cooler for a lake day, remember that foodborne illness is a common, costly—yet preventable—public health problem. Below are a few tips to keep everyone safe.

  • Keep foods like fresh veggies and fruit separated from raw meat, poultry and fish. This includes in your grocery bags, in the refrigerator and on your cutting boards and counters.

  • Throw out perishable food that has been at room temperature more than two hours; one hour if the room is warmer than 90°F.
  • Use a food thermometer to make sure foods are cooked. Chicken should be at 165⁰F and ground beef should be 160⁰F.

  • When packing a cooler, keep cold foods cold by packing plenty of ice around your foods so food stays under 40⁰F. Avoid cross contamination by separating raw meats from ready-to-eat foods by storing in a securely wrapped container packed into the bottom of the cooler or store in a separate cooler.

For more food safety tips, visit

To find out where you can get vaccinated before the start of the long weekend, visit Vaccinate WA: COVID-19 Vaccine Availability.

The Spokane Regional Health District is grateful for the men and women in our military and armed forces that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Thank you.