Enjoying Fall Activities Safely

Enjoying Fall Activities Safely

October 19, 2021

Like any other year, Halloween comes with safety reminders. Wear bright colors so traffic can see you, don’t eat any unsealed candy, and just don’t trick-or-treat at the Johnson’s because they give out those weird orange taffy candies every year. We recommend those tried-and-true tips and a few more this year for a safer Halloween.

If you are participating in trick-or-treating, remember that most of those cute little superheroes, princesses, and hot dogs (there’s always one in the crowd) will be unvaccinated against COVID-19, because the vaccines are not authorized for kids under 12 yet. We can, however, help protect them by getting vaccinated ourselves. The flu vaccine is approved for all ages, so getting everyone in your family vaccinated for the flu is something you can do to add to your children’s protection.

The great thing about trick-or-treating is it is outside, which is safer than indoors, and you can keep to smaller groups. Whether you’re giving or getting the candy, have some fun with another layer of protection by making your mask part of your costume. Make sure the mask fits well and isn’t worn over the top of other costume masks. Hand out candy outside. Better yet, come up with a creative way to get candy to the trick-or-treaters with a chute or a candy hunt in the yard so everybody can maintain distance. Don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize before handing out or eating the candy.

This time of the year also has its parties and festivals, and there are definitely ways to make them safer. We all love a good pumpkin donut and corn maze, but maybe this year take a day off and visit on a weekday when the farms aren’t as busy. Wear a mask outside if it’s a busy event and you have a hard time maintaining six feet of distance from others. If you’re having your own event, try to keep the guest list small, especially if you plan on meeting indoors. If you’re indoors, everybody over two should be masked and have enough space to distance themselves from others. Try to increase ventilation as much as possible by opening windows and doors and running fans. A good way to utilize fans is to have one pointing outward to exhaust contaminated air while bringing in fresh air from other windows.

For more safety tips you can visit CDC’s gathering page. Let’s enjoy these beautiful autumn days and all they bring with them while keeping our families and community safe.