Cast Your Vote and Stay Safe

Cast Your Vote and Stay Safe

October 28, 2020

Election time is here, and we want you to know it is still safe to make your vote count!

Here are some tips to keep yourself and our election staff safe:

Voting by mail has the least risk of COVID-19 exposure. You can do this from home without waiting in any lines. Washington State has had an option to vote by mail for 15 years and Spokane County has had this option since 2006. This means we’ve had years of experience to create a safe and secure process through the mail.

Drop boxes are also a low-risk option. These boxes are secure, and ballots are collected frequently to be taken directly to the elections office to be processed immediately. You can find your nearest drop box location here.

We do know that some people will still need to go to an election service center for help or to cast their vote. If this is the case for you, election officials have incorporated guidelines to keep you and the election staff safe. They will be providing masks, physical distancing, keeping plexiglass barriers between employees and the public, and there will be lots and lots of hand sanitizer. Look here for locations and times of Spokane County voter service centers.

Finally, please be kind and patient to the election office staff and other voters. Wear your mask, keep distant and sanitize to keep them and yourself safe.

For more information you can call the elections information line at 509.477.2320, or visit the following sites:

Spokane County Elections

League of Women Voters (includes ballot translations)

Washington Secretary of State Website Washington State Voter Portal (track your ballot)