Spokane Counts 2017 Overview

Spokane Counts provides information about selected public health indicators that can be impacted by public health and community partners. Information about the selected health indicators gives the community an easily accessible tool to determine priority health issues and identify populations impacted. It may help direct health interventions to areas of greatest need and garner support for health policies. Additionally, this information will educate the public, community organizations, and policymakers on the community's health.

Spokane Regional Health District employees strive to reach the vision of "a healthy community for all" by improving these health indicators. To do this, staff work hard to move agency program measures towards reaching a set target or goal. These measures are complicated by staffing capacity and resources as well as things outside of our control, but continual effort to make improvements remain a priority.

Spokane Counts 2017 reports on 60 indicators that are grouped into 8 categories. When available, information about each indicator is examined for Spokane County over a period of time, in comparison to Washington State and the United States, and by various demographic groups. Click on any of the indicators below.