Vaping Prevention

With a dramatic rise in vaping device use, there is cause for great concern as the long-term effects of these novel products are still not known.

Program Overview

Vaping prevention activities at Spokane Regional Health District are part of the agency’s Tobacco, Vaping, and Marijuana Prevention Program. Specific to vaping devices, the program works to:

  • decrease initiation of youth vaping
  • prevent poisoning from liquid nicotine
  • promote U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved tobacco cessation methods for all age groups

Staff also provide education about applicable laws and policies specific to Spokane County.

The work of this program is important because vaping is newer to the market and is still somewhat unregulated. Vaping poses a public health threat due to this limited regulation, risk of poisoning from liquid nicotine, potential injury from explosions of the devices, secondhand vapor exposure, and likelihood of addiction to liquid nicotine.

Vaping prevention activities are funded by Washington State Department of Health’s Youth Tobacco and Vapor Product Prevention and Control Account and its Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Fund, as well as local funds.

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