New Systems or Changes to Existing

On-Site Sewage Systems

Ensuring systems are properly designed, installed, and maintained so they can effectively treat residential wastewater.

How Do I Get a New System Permitted?

Apply for septic system designs to be reviewed for compliance with regulations by clicking here.

How Do I Renew Permit for Existing System?

Apply to renew an existing permit for an on-site sewage system by clicking here.


To ensure getting a permit is as simple as possible, the health district developed this process.

Below is a higher-level description of this process.

New on-site sewage systems and systems located over the Spokane/Rathdrum Aquifer are tracked and issued a renewable three-year permit by the health district.

On-site sewage system inspection and maintenance is required, prior to permit renewal.

Systems designed for single-family homes, small businesses, and apartment buildings (systems less than 3,500 gallons per day) are:

  • reviewed for compliance with regulations
  • permitted
  • inspected after installation

Fees vary based on the size and type of system (view current Spokane Regional Health District Fee Schedule)

Public Records

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