Proven Results

Nurse-Family Partnership

Proven effective through extensive research. From a healthy babies program to crime prevention, Nurse-Family Partnership is validated by research.


A cornerstone of Nurse-Family Partnership is the extensive research on the model conducted over the last three decades. Randomized, controlled trials were conducted with three diverse populations beginning in Elmira, New York, in 1977; in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1990; and in Denver, Colorado, in 1994. All three trials targeted first-time, low-income mothers. Follow-up research continues today, studying the long-term outcomes for mothers and children in these three trials.

The level of proven effectiveness demonstrated is unsurpassed in evidence-based home visitation programs. The program effects that have the strongest evidentiary foundations are those that have been found in at least two of the three trials and are listed below.

Consistent program effects

  • Improved prenatal health
  • Fewer childhood injuries
  • Fewer subsequent pregnancies
  • Increased intervals between births
  • Increased maternal employment
  • Improved school readiness

2015 Nurse-Family Partnership Graduate of the Year

Credits to Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana

“the amazing population I serve”

“Hands down, the most paramount reason I am a Nurse Family Partnership home visitor is because of the amazing population I serve. There is not anything, I can think of, that is more rewarding than collaborating with newly pregnant and parenting clients, who are under served in our community, to provide enriched outcomes for themselves and their children.” - Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor

“Excitement in their faces ”

“I enjoy being supportive to first time moms, fathers, and extended family members. Watching the excitement on their faces as their baby grows and changes.” - Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor

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