Neighborhoods Matter

The Neighborhoods Matter program connects neighbors, promotes built environments that support positive interactions, and works to improve economic opportunities for all. With the release of the Community Violence report, Neighborhoods Matter will focus its work on addressing child abuse and neglect at the population level. Specifically, activities will be implemented at the neighborhood levels and/or with specific populations.

Program Overview

The Neighborhoods Matter program at Spokane Regional Health District recognizes that, despite adverse community and individual experiences, Spokane County residents continue to believe in possibilities. Spokane County’s neighborhoods and their residents are resilient. Each neighborhood draws on the strengths of its residents. The Neighborhoods Matter program supports efforts by neighbors to connect with one another and work together to address issues that affect them including promoting a built environment that supports positive interactions and improving economic opportunities for everyone.

Neighborhoods Matter is committed to:

  • Supporting children and marginalized individuals through efforts to build individual and community resilience and combat inequities.
  • Convening the community and specifically focusing on prevention efforts and capacity to support the health and well-being of the community’s children.

Social-Emotional Health

The social-emotional health of residents is critical to thriving communities. Neighborhoods Matter seeks to strengthen connections between and among neighbors. Furthermore, we promote practices that encourage healthy relationships.

Built Environment

Safe places to live and play are crucial ingredients to neighborhood connectivity. Neighborhoods Matter believes that healthy communities require access to quality and affordable housing, transportation, parks, and healthy food. Neighborhoods and shared public spaces should be sanctuaries for families and neighbors.

Equitable Opportunities

Everyone should thrive in their communities. Neighborhoods Matter supports efforts to ensure that all residents, particularly residents of color, fulfill their potential no matter how they define potential.

Learn More About Community Connectedness & Equity

See a selection of resources available at Spokane Public Library.

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