Risks to Youth

Youth Marijuana Prevention

Adolescents are particularly at risk for marijuana-related harms since their brains are undergoing rapid, extensive development.


For parents & adults

Talking to kids about marijuana use is important, and can help prevent them from using substances. Parents' and caregivers' attitudes toward substance use help shape kids' choices and behaviors. In fact, the more acceptable that youth believe that marijuana use is, the higher likelihood they will use marijuana.

Tips for Parents

There are many resources to help adults talk to kids about substance use. The National Institutes on Drug Abuse is just one of them. Among their resources are Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know. Tips for parents from this guide include:

  • Be a good listener
  • Give clear no-use messages about drug use and alcohol
  • Help your child deal with peer pressure to use drugs
  • Get to know your child's friends and their parents
  • Monitor your child's whereabouts
  • Supervise teen activities

Talk to your child often. Other resources you can use include starttalkingnow.org or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA).

Ask the Expert

Washington youth had the opportunity to ask their questions about marijuana of local researcher, Dr. Jason Kilmer. In this video, he answers questions about addiction, brain chemistry and risks.

Healthy Youth Survey, 2016


Percent of state 10th graders who use marijuana who believe their parents think using marijuana is not wrong.

Research shows

that 1 in 6 people who start using marijuana as a teen will become addicted. The younger youth start, the harder it is to quit.

For Health Care Providers

Health care providers are trusted experts on patient health and can screen patients for addiction risk, contraindications with other substances, and can make recommendations for safe storage and promote responsible use like advising patients not to drive under the influence. Spokane Regional Health District provides educational materials to health care providers.

Teen Link

Empowering youth to make positive and self-respecting decisions. Call 1-866-TEENLINK

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Weed to Know for Baby & You

Providing facts around harms associated with marijuana use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and caregiving.

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