Youth Marijuana Prevention

Washington’s legalization of recreational marijuana changed how people use the substance and prompted questions about the law, addiction and responsible use.

Program Overview

Marijuana prevention activities at Spokane Regional Health District are part of its Tobacco, Vaping Device and Marijuana Prevention program. Specific to marijuana, program staff work to decrease youth initiation by:

  • Educating the community about risks associated with youth marijuana use
  • Engaging youth as leaders in prevention in their communities Shifting social norms that promote youth marijuana use
  • Educating the public about responsible adult marijuana use
  • Working on policies and systems changes that help decrease youth marijuana use

The work of this program is important as marijuana use among youth is not safe and can cause long-term impacts to the developing brain, put youth at an increased risk of addiction, and can have many social and legal consequences. Learn more about marijuana.

The program is funded by Washington State Department of Health’s Dedicated Marijuana Fund. Initiative 502 provided for funds from the tax on marijuana sales to be dedicated to youth marijuana prevention and education.

Leaders in Prevention

Developed through Peers Practicing Prevention, this video tells the stories of Spokane youth. Peers Practicing Prevention was a grant opportunity offered to youth organizations in 2016 and 2017 and paid for by the Washington State Department of Health, Dedicated Marijuana Account Funding. The goal was to understand youth perception of the impact of recreational marijuana legalization. The views expressed are those of the individuals represented. Youth also observed neighborhoods in Spokane County for prevalence of marijuana retailers and marketing that could be perceived as directed at youth. Their observations indicated that licensed marijuana retail stores and marketing is more common in lower-income neighborhoods.

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Weed to Know

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Marijuana Prevention for Health Care Providers

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You Can

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