Immunization Outreach Vaccines for Children for Health Care Providers

If your vaccine storage refrigerators/freezers have experienced a power outage and your temperatures have gone out of range (36-46 F for refrigerators, or over 5F for freezers) DO NOT USE OR WASTE ANY AFFECTED VACCINE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSULTED WITH THE MANUFACTURER! Please call Spokane Regional Health District's Immunizations staff (see contact info to the right) to notify us of any temperature excursions.

Summary Overview

Since 1990, Washington has maintained a universal childhood vaccine program, providing vaccines to all children under age 19, regardless of income, through a combination of state and federal funds. In October 1994, the federal government provided an additional funding source, the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. This federal entitlement program was developed to eliminate cost as a barrier and improve immunization levels, and is a critical funding source for vaccines.

Spokane Regional Health District works closely with Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) Immunization Program to eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases in children and adolescents for a safer and healthier community.

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