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Immunization Assessment & Promotion

Diseases that can be prevented by vaccines remain major causes of illness and death for people of all ages in the United States. Schools and child cares play a critical role to protect children and the public against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.

Program Overview

Washington State school and child care vaccination requirements serve the purpose to reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable disease and their associated negative outcomes by increasing vaccination rates. All child cares and schools are required to report their immunization status by November 1 of each year. The Immunization Assessment and Promotion program at Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) provides local support to schools and child cares regarding immunization record collection and review, mobile immunization clinic coordination to address vaccine gaps among their student population, and state vaccine and vaccine education requirement satisfaction.

Immunization Requirements and Resources for Kindergarten - 12th grade

Immunization Requirements and Resources for Kindergarten - 12th grade

  • Immunization Exemptions

  • Immunization Exemption Law

For Early Learning Program and School Staff

WA Immunization Information System (IIS) 2017


Number of vaccines administered at no-cost mobile immunization clinics

School Partnerships for a Healthy Community

  • Schools and Public Health have teamed together to coordinate 51 immunization clinics
  • WSU Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy and Eastern Medical Reserve corps have served 5,800 children and adults at mobile immunization clinics since August 2013
  • Mobile immunization clinics helped Spokane County Schools achieve a 68% decrease in out of compliance rates among kindergarten students
Immunization Outreach for Healthcare Providers
Immunization Outreach for Healthcare Providers

Content designed specifically for healthcare providers regarding immunization outreach and vaccine accountability.

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