HIV/STD Prevention

HIV/STD Services

Working to reduce the incidence and impact of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases in Spokane County.


HIV/STD prevention services are offered as part of Spokane Regional Health District's HIV/STD Services program. Activities are directed at reducing the spread of HIV and other STDs in Spokane County. The program does this by providing prevention services for those at highest risk for infection, and working to find and treat people who have been exposed to HIV or other STDs. The HIV/STD Prevention program works jointly with the Washington State Department of Health, and is funded by a combination of Spokane County, Washington state, and federal funding sources.

HIV/STD Testing Services

The only way to know for sure whether a person has HIV is to get tested. Spokane Regional Health District supports CDC recommendations for everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 to get tested for HIV at least once as part of routine health care; the health district also supports CDC’s recommendations to get tested at least annually for all STDs, including HIV, based on individual risk factors. HIV and STD testing can be done routinely with a primary care provider, please see the clinic referral list for other providers in the region that offer these services.

When people know their HIV status, it gives them powerful information to help keep them and their partner healthy.  For routine HIV/STD testing please contact a health care provider. Otherwise, for testing services resources please see clinic referral list.

The health district offers HIV and syphilis testing for sex- and/or needle sharing-partners of someone who has recently tested positive. Testing is also available for those who may have a higher risk of infection, including men who have sex with men. Program staff are available during business hours to assist with HIV/STD testing referrals and insurance enrollment for the general population. For more information please contact office at 509-324-1494.

Living with HIV and looking for help with services?  Please contact our Case Management Program

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Services

Taking PrEP is one way people can reduce their risk of acquiring HIV. The health district offers PrEP coordination free of charge for men who have sex with men, sex partners of HIV+ individuals, and others at highest risk of HIV infection. PrEP coordination services include assistance with insurance enrollment, referrals to PrEP prescribers, navigation of state resources to pay for medications, and coordination of required testing.

For more information, please contact 509-324-1438.

Partner Notification Services

When someone tests positive for HIV, it is very important to notify anyone who has had sex with that person or has shared needles with them. Many people who are HIV positive prefer to notify at-risk partners themselves. Others prefer to have a health district specialist notify their at-risk partners discreetly and confidentially. This specialist can direct them to anonymous, or confidential low-cost testing centers and educate them about how to lower their risk for acquiring HIV or other STDs.

Provider offices, hospitals and labs are required by law to report certain STDs to Spokane Regional Health District. With the information that is reported, staff work to prevent illness and further spread of HIV and STDs to others. To achieve these goals, program specialists may contact an individual (while being careful to respect the person's privacy) to ensure the positive individual and their sex partners receive appropriate testing and treatment.

Needle Exchange Services

The Needle Exchange provides one-for-one exchange of used syringes for new ones. Alcohol pads, cotton, and other risk-reduction supplies are also provided to help lower the risk of HIV and hepatitis B and C transmission. Outreach workers provide  information on overdose prevention, information on safer injection practices, and referrals to treatment services and health insurance/ care access. Naloxone is also available for those at highest risk for opioid overdose. HIV and hepatitis C virus testing is available by appointment.

For more information, please call  509-324-1686 or 509-879-3777.

Please note specific location and office hours:

Spokane Regional Health District       
Rm, 155, southwest entrance of building
Hours: Mon., Tues., Th., Fri. 3-5 and Weds. 3-7.

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Healthy Youth Collaborative

The health district supports comprehensive, evidence-based sexual health education in Spokane County.

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Communicable Disease Epidemiology for Health Care Providers

Working with providers on the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases, illnesses and other factors relating to health.

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STD Consult Line

Licensed healthcare professionals and STD program staff can contact the Clinical Consultation Service for clinical decision support. 

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