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The REDi Healthcare Coalition is continuing to align and organize all the great resources developed across former regions 7, 8 and 9. For now, staff organized these documents by former region, but will organize them by topic in the future. Please note, changes to plans or content of these documents will be done as a collaborative process and historical documents will be kept on file below.

The Coalition asks for patience as we work together to align and organize resources. Please contact us at hcc@srhd.org with requests to add documents to this library.

REDi HCC Documents


Annual Report

Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

Case Study

Crisis Standards of Care

CMS Emergency Preparedness Condition of Participation Rule

Disaster Medical Coordination Center (DMCC) Coordination

Healthcare Coalition Grant Deliverables

HHS emPOWER Initiative


  • November 11, 2018 I-90 Bus Rollover Incident: AAR, Video

Naming and Branding of the New Coalition

REDi HCC 24/7 Contacts

REDi HCC Annual Report

REDi HCC Core Member Advisory Group

REDi HCC Events

REDi HCC Exercises

REDi HCC General Meetings

General Meeting Information and RSVP

REDi HCC Planning Meetings

REDi HCC Plans

REDi HCC Staff Contact Information

REDiLINK Newsletter

Response Resources

Transition Planning

WATrac Bed Update Reports

WATrac Advisory Committee Meetings

Washington State Disaster Medical Control Center

Wildfire Resources (external)

Former Region 7 Documents

After hearing concerns from former region 7 partners regarding plans and documents being shared on a public website, they have been removed. If you need to access the documents listed below, please contact the Healthcare Coalition at hcc@srhd.org to be sent a copy. Thank you.

  • R7 All Hazards Plan updated - June 2011
  • R7 Community Profile HVA support doc M.Murphy 2017-18
  • R7 DMCC Excerpts
  • R7 Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment Tool 2017-18
  • R7 HCC Checklist for Member Preparedness Activities 2017-10-19
  • R7 HCC Meeting and Workgroup Agenda 2016-11-17 final
  • R7 HCC Meeting Calendar 2016-17
  • R7 HCC Meeting Calendar 2017-18 DRAFT for approval 2017-9-21; 10-19
  • R7 HCC Training Survey Request 2017
  • R7 Healthcare Coalition MAA
  • R7 Operations and Objectives
  • R7 WRAP
  • WA R7 HCC Annual Report 2011

Former Region 8 Documents

Former Region 9 Documents

2017 Response Documentation

24/7 R9 HCC Coalition Contacts

Active Shooter Planning (external)


Annual Report

Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response

Behavioral Mental Health

Business Resilience Training

Case Study - EMS Diversion Reduction

CMS Emergency Preparedness Condition of Participation Rule

Core Member Advisory Group

Disaster Medical Coordination Center (DMCC) Plan

Evacuation Planning for Healthcare Providers (external resources)

Flooding Resources

Freeman High School Response

General Meetings

Highly Infectious Diseases Workshop (June 22, 2017)

Hospital Capacity Assessment

Hurricane Harvey Special Report

IV Fluid Resources

Medical Surge

Preparedness Plan

Region 9 Evacuation Situational Awareness Exercises

Region 9 HCC Newsletter and Bulletin

Region 9 Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Response Resources

Social Network Analysis

Statewide Supply Chain

Training Documents