Exercises and Trainings

REDi Healthcare Coalition

REDi Healthcare Coalition staff assist healthcare partners in meeting preparedness requirements through trainings and exercises.


As outlined in our HCC events calendar, exercise planning workshops will be held throughout the region. Exercise Planning meetings will be held in the Spokane, Wenatchee and Tri-Cities catchment areas to begin the process of setting objectives and dates for 2019-2020 Healthcare Coalition community exercises. Each of these exercises will focus on components of medical surge, communications, and multi agency coordination. For the 2018-2019 year, the Wenatchee area exercise occurred March 2019 (Frozen Frenzy) and the Tri-Cities exercise occurred April 2019 (Thomas Tantrum). Both exercises were functional exercises and designed to engage as many partners as possible. The Coalition Surge Test took place in Spokane June 2019. 

As the exercises continue to be crafted, the Coalition will share exercise planning documents and planning updates through our email newsletter.

Coalition Surge Test 

Between June 3-14, the REDi HCC and Spokane Catchment partners conducted an exercise around a sudden patient surge that included activities around patient placement, patient tracking, and patient movement. Although the core of the exercise took place in Spokane, there were opportunities for in-patient facilities to participate in this exercise through the use of WATrac. 

An exercise toolkit was created to outline how facilities could use WATrac participation to kick off an internal facility exercise and support meeting the full-scale, community-based exercise requirements as defined by CMS. You may access the exercise toolkit by clicking on this link.

The After Action Report has been made available under the Resource Library page.

Frozen Frenzy Exercise

March 20, 2019 participating facilities in the Wenatchee catchment area and on WATrac were able to use the HCC Situational Awareness Response Process as an external trigger to initiate their internal exercise play based on their agency emergency operations plan. Combining the REDi HCC driven community based information sharing process with an internal functional (CMS defined ‘full-scale’) exercise was an opportunity to meet annual ‘community based full-scale’ exercise requirements. We have published the Frozen Frenzy toolkit to further explain the details of how this process supports meeting the full-scale, community-based CMS exercise requirements. The After Action Report has been made available under the Resource Library page.

Thomas Tantrum Exercise 

On April 9, 2018, HCC partners in the Tri-Cities catchment area participated in the Thomas Tantrum Exercise, exercising patient placement coordination, patient tracking, communications, and medical surge. First responders exercised their ability to coordinate and place patients from a mass casualty incident to the most appropriate hospitals based on the needs of the patients. EMS and hospitals tested their ability to track patient destinations throughout patient transport and transfer operations using existing organizational patient tracking processes and tools. Partners communicated incident information using emergency and backup communications systems across emergency response organizations and the healthcare system. Upon notification of the mass casualty incident, hospitals demonstrated their ability to activate and perform internal medial surge protocols and operations. The After Action Report has been made available under the Resource Library page.

Exercise Resources

Previous exercise resources and documentation can be found on the Resource Library page. Additions will be made as they become available.


The REDi Healthcare Coalition maintains a calendar of upcoming trainings available locally and nation-wide. This calendar is updated on a monthly basis. Questions regarding these opportunities can be directed to hcc@srhd.org.